RECENT EVENTS...........



 Tuesday 7 January: AGM was held. It was Christina's last AGM as President and her address to the members looked back over the recent achievements and activities the club had been involved in. Pat read the Chairman's address on behalf of Janet who wasn't able to be there and the finances of the club were reviewed by the Treasurer. Re-election of the committee members took place with Mary Haut stepping into the position of Chairman, replacing Janet who has completed her term and Margaret Crawford who was voted onto the committee is replacing Pat Taylor in the role of Minutes Secretary. To those standing down we say thank you for all you have done and for those joining the committtee or taking up new positions we welcome you. 


Club membership increase to £38 a year was approved.


COMING UP...............


Tuesday 4 February. Christine Nash is arranging to the title of East meets West




It is time to pay your annual subscription and pick up a programme card.

Visitors £5 per night


Looking Forward.........................


March meeting - We mark our 60th Birthday with a toast and a special cake before a fabulous demonstration


April Meeting- The partying continues.....We shall be celebrating our Diamond Anniversary with a delicious Evening Buffet